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Obligatory domestic artwork
It seems I enjoy drawing couches.

this one is for senbo-sama but she doesn't know that SHHHHHHHHHHH quiet

Your coloring is so animated, I love it! I just want to kiss each of these

Omg thanks so much! ;~;

I absolutely adore this, and your art style is utterly beautiful.


If you don't mind, I might friend you and follow you on tumblr? Then I can has more laterz. :)

Dean looks sleepy in a lot of these. I APPROVE!

I like to think he lazes around a lot and is generally sleepy hehehehehehHHE

These are so awesome! I love domestic fluff! Your colors are so vibrant and, Dean and Cas just look so content and happy.

Thanks so much for sharing these!

Aww gosh thanks so much! Glad you like 'em!


Oh my god. :D

These are amazing.

I just love the colors and the expressions on Dean and Cas' faces. ♥

Edited at 2012-02-06 06:18 pm (UTC)

ZOMG CAS AND DEAN ARE SHARING SOCKS!!! Look at all the sock porn!!!! and the... errr... porn porn! :DDDD
Sooooo beautiful! *squishes*

omgosh fsldkjf THANKS BABY

Veeeeery niiiiiiiice. They are all so great! ^_^

These are really beautiful! I think the second one is my favorite - very subtle and just gorgeous.

Thanks so much for sharing with us!

I love Dean!tummy, but I also love Cas in fuzzy slippers.


Dean!tummy is my favourite hehehuehe

Wow, you're amazing - this is all beutiful, loving how Dean's all spread out over the whole couch, uncomfotably comfortable like that. And the light/shadow work in the second one <3 Really, they're all crazy good.

sdfjdsklf ;3; thanks so much omg

(Deleted comment)
yesssssss all the schmoop!

These are FANTASTIC. <333

sdfjdslf you're fantastic! thanks so much <3