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AU dump
DESTIEL AU DUMP. Peter Pan to HSAU to Mafia Au.

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All of these are really, really awesome, but mostly, my brain is stuck on:

OMG MERMAN!CAS ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥___♥

And wow, now I really want to write fic for that. >.<

I look forward to hopefully seeing more from you in the future! :D

God yes I want a little mermaid! AU fic so bad KLJASJlkja

I've actually read a Mer!Cas AU... it was pretty hilarious. (I think it was on, but I can't remember the title, sorry.)

I've read one as well!11 Er.. only he wasn't a mermaid but an octopus- welp LOL

Yes! That was the one, with tentacles and Gabriel and an island, right? They had lots of "awesome" spawn.

The other one had Dean as the merman and Cas as the scientist. (No clue what that one was called, either.)

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