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AU dump
DESTIEL AU DUMP. Peter Pan to HSAU to Mafia Au.

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why your art so good. also i'm really in love with dean's jacket for the bottom view. usually people would put him in red but i think blue looks great on him too!



In the mermaid one, Dean totally looks like he's faking to get rescued! There's just this tug of a smile on his face...Very nice work!

Teehee! Maybe he is, that sly dog. :)

OH MY GOD. You are my hero. I love every single picture in this post, and it is impossible for me to decide which one is my favorite. ♥♥♥!

asfaklsjg thanks so much! ;3;!!

Hahahaha I love the mermaid one! Teeeheee Dean looks like he's faking it though! :D

He's hoping that mermaids know CPR haaaa!

So much fun! I adore the mermen. Thanks for posting :)

Glad you like them ;3;!

God, these make me want to write ALL THE FIC!

Stunning work!

please do

I will love you forever

These are all so gorgeous.

love them all. ♥

I saw the preview and squeed at teh thought of Dean bein Link with his pesky fairy (then was heartbroken when it turned out he was Peter Pan) but the merman and huggy bear ones are my favorite.

Haha I thought the SAME THING. Now I want a LoZ au fic, but I am reasonably sure if one existed I'd have seen it by now.

Oh man LoZ AU would be perfect aksgAJSGakls

They are wonderful, I love Pettit!Cas in the first one and the mermaid one is so cute.

All those pics are really great. I think I like the last and the merman one the best, but they are all quite good.

ahhh these are so fantastic, I love Cas as a saloon girl, *LOVE*

:'D Thanks! Me too hheee

These are fabulous! Mermaids and higschool luchtime are my favorites. Cas in flip-flops! :D

:D Flip flops because Cas is obviously a hipster

All of these are wonderful, awesome, MAGICAL things...but from a costume kink point-of-view I have to say that the Fedora wearing Cas and Dean, and also the BAR WENCH AND SHERIFF (OMG) Cas and Dean are my favourites. *throws confetti all over these beautiful drawings!*

(I'm using the bear icon because BEAR!)

:'D Thank you babe, I'm glad you like 'em hehehhee

So many great pieces of art. I think my favorite is #3 but #1 is so cute too. ^_^

Hehe glad you like them!!

All of these are really, really awesome, but mostly, my brain is stuck on:

OMG MERMAN!CAS ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥___♥

And wow, now I really want to write fic for that. >.<

I look forward to hopefully seeing more from you in the future! :D

God yes I want a little mermaid! AU fic so bad KLJASJlkja

I've actually read a Mer!Cas AU... it was pretty hilarious. (I think it was on, but I can't remember the title, sorry.)

I've read one as well!11 Er.. only he wasn't a mermaid but an octopus- welp LOL

Yes! That was the one, with tentacles and Gabriel and an island, right? They had lots of "awesome" spawn.

The other one had Dean as the merman and Cas as the scientist. (No clue what that one was called, either.)

Why is merman!Cas such a fantastic idea? I love the whole feel of that picture. It’s really beautiful.

And nice phallic symbol in highschool lunch too!

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Thank you! And yes, all the AUs are the best heheuhgehs

These are all gorgeous! And now I wish to see the stories behind each of them!

Thanks! And oh man me too :c someone should write them alllll

OMG! I can't even process it these are so awesome! Little Mermaid and faerie Cas is awesome! Salon girl Cas is OMG so sexy!! The boys in fedoras is always good and awwww high school AU Cas and Dean! These are so fun and sexy!

Thanks for sharing!

(1) These scenarios are so much fun and (2) HALF-DROWNED DEAN BEING SAVED BY MERMAID CAS pushes my h/c buttons and (3) your drawing, and especially the way the lighting looks in all of these... well DONE.

The !Jock!Dean and !Mascot!Cass one is my favorite it's so Cute and He's Calling him Huggy Bear.

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